dimanche 12 novembre 2017

Make your own fuel

Free Power Secret: Make your own fuel 

Do It Yourself moonshine ethanol fuel for your car!             

Make your own fuel

    • The Free Power Secrets program is a complete step-by-step guide showing you everything you need to know in order to start powering your car, tractor, truck, or anything else that has a motor on homemade alcohol fuel by the end of the week.
    • Your new distillery will only require few parts – which can be found in your local hardware store, or in a junkyard – to build. In fact, many of these components are probably sitting around your backyard, garage, or storage shed right now. Even if you were to use only brand-new, store-bought materials to create the distillery, you’d still spend less than $170 to do it.
    • You’ll also receive the complete materials list, the building plans, and the illustrated blueprints.

    E-Fuel unveils the World first home ethanol system
    •    With its breakthrough membrane technology, E-Fuel has made an industrial process possible on a much smaller scale, and without dangerous combustion processes. Additionally, the MicroFueler has achieved an 80% power improvement over commercial ethanol.
    Home Ethanol System
    The MicroFueler by E-Fuel
    The MicroFueler is $9,995, but federal tax credits can cut the price to $6,998. $16 buys yeast for 560 gallons of ethanol, each gallon requires 4 gallons of water.

    The MicroFueler is a leading edge product that allows consumers to create ethanol, simply and safely, with the readily available ingredients of sugar, yeast and water, and a standard household 110-220 AC power supply.
    Cars running on sugar-based ethanol produce 85% fewer carbon emissions than gasoline!

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