lundi 20 novembre 2017

Controversy over alternative energies

  Controversy over alternative energy


    Nothing is easy and simple here. We will always be confronted with difficulties and problems with the environment every time we try to make use of many forms of energies just for trying to make our life a bit easier.
  The resulting way we calculate, and we use energy for driving our fuel gas vehicles to work, for cooking or for heating our house will not necessarily be in terms the best for us and for the environment. 
  Problems will rise, and they are part of the equation. With new technologies, we cannot escape our responsibility when we face environmental problems. With respect to nature, we must preserve the Earth, our flora, and fauna, because it's important for our survival. By the fact, we want to stay in a clean place, with breathable air and eat healthy food; it's where we want to be.
  Nature is an entropy, in chaos you may say, but with the Sun it's our Universe. The Earth here around is a unique place and it's like nowhere else with ecosystems whose life takes place and gets created like by magic. It's where every part of it is important. You'll find also by the fact that you are not God, and you can't replicate or create life on Earth and you better take care of it.
  I would like to talk about laws of physic to try to make you understand who we are and where we live. A good definition of Earth and the thermodynamic laws that govern it is very important for our comprehension. Our place the Earth with the Sun is a closed system in equilibrium. Our Sun has created a thermodynamic machine on Earth. The particle's entropy is at the maximum in a physical static environment with temperature, pressure, and other parameters very well-defined. The Earth is by definition obeying the laws of physic and it cannot be violated.
  When we're referring to alternative energies we are talking about an alternative energy to a previous form of energy like fossil fuel, wood, even whale oil, and nuclear. And that, for the biggest part we would prefer an alternative source of energy to the fossil fuel responsible for the poisonous greenhouse gases, health diseases, and global warming. It could be also an alternative to the scarcity of wood and the destruction of forests and the preservation of nature. It could be also that we would like to get rid of the danger of the nuclear and its nuclear wastes. All of this has many objectives and many goals like saving the trees or just to clean up the atmosphere for world health problem issues.
  When we think of alternative energies, renewable energies or clean energies, we may think of them as perfect alternative solutions to fossil fuel, but it's not the case. Even those technologies have many direct and indirect effects on the environment. Some pollute also, some make noises, and they are not by far magic solutions that will solve all our problems.

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