Alternative Energies

                                                    Take the green shift

Combined wind turbines and solar panels
Wind turbines and solar panels
    Why not take the green shift and turn with alternative energy systems like solar panels, wind turbines and install them as an entrepreneur or a technician on private houses and places and get paid to do the job. There is a lot of new jobs and money to be made out there. Working in the maintenance of reconditioning all kind of batteries: for the houses and the automobile industry as well could be a way of the future. And why not creating laptop batteries, smartphones, and small tools batteries?

Wood pellets
   Why not starting a company in the industry of wood pellets, with wood recycling raw materials, clean the environment and make thousands of dollars of savings for peoples heating their homes. We must not be afraid of the future. We must take action now with those Alternative Energies. There are tons of jobs to be created and there’s a lot of money to be made as well. Let’s save the environment and the planet Earth!

Construction site
Solar panel construction site
   We must create a boom in the Industry of construction and converted our houses with alternatives energies. First, we must learn how to do those things. There are tons of information, e books, videos, to learn from on the internet, teaching us, and showing us how to do it. Information on helping people do the conversions as well. Today, you could do those jobs at a very low and affordable price. I have read on the web, that you could make yourself a 1 kW electrical solar panel system off for $800.! Wind turbines and hydraulic systems cost probably around the same price. Then you could finally save on fuel, firewood, and have free electricity for a long time.


Hydrogen fuel systemElectric car  Why not do the conversion on automobiles as well. You could transform your cars and make them fully electric, hybrid and run with water; those cars combine water and gas, do better mileage and do make us save a lot of money at the pump. I think it’s the way of the future. Why are we like waiting for them to come up with new automotive products more efficient and almost free to run? You could learn yourself to build and convert motor engines with water and or electricity and do the maintenance also and save time and money.

Hybrid batteries for sale
Toyota Prius Hybrid batteries
   To recondition a battery of a Toyota Prius 2003 as an example: the saving is around$3500. Toyota sells this Hybrid battery at a detailed price of $3850. There are e books and videos out there on the web explaining to us ways and procedures to do those kinds of duties.

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